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While having an energy-efficient heating and cooling system can save you money on your energy bills throughout the year, it isn’t going to do a whole lot if the conditioned air it produces simply escapes through a pesky air leak somewhere in your home. The most common source of air leaks is through your ceiling, and that’s why attic insulation is such a vital part to your heating and air conditioning system. At Expo Heating & Cooling, we offer blown-in insulation services in Spring, Magnolia, Cypress, and beyond, to ensure your HVAC equipment is setup to succeed and keep you comfortable all year round!

What Is Blown-In Insulation?

Blown-in insulation is a type of insulation that’s composed of small bits of fiberglass which are scattered throughout the floor of your attic using forced air. Think of it sort of like how you might use a fire hose to fill up a pool. The hose uses forced air to push the insulation through, allowing your installation team to evenly scatter it throughout your attic, even into the small and hard-to-reach places. This process is extremely effective because it ensures that you have a thick, durable layer of insulation keeping the air in your attic separated from the conditioned air in your home.

Why Choose Blown-In Insulation in Spring, TX?

Blown-in insulation is a cost-effective way of ensuring that your heating and cooling system has the help it needs with keeping your home comfortable. When so much energy is lost due to air escaping through leaks in your ceiling, blown-in insulation can help you save a bundle on your monthly utility bills. Blown-in insulation can be installed in nearly any attic due to its light weight and small particle size, even attics which are small or have features like recessed lighting or ceiling fans which stick into them. With blown-in insulation, you’ll notice an almost immediate improvement in how comfortable your home feels and how much you’re spending on energy each month.

When to Use Blown In Insulation

  • You do not want to remove walls
  • You would like to use a green product
  • You want to avoid possible gaps
  • You need an option that is as cost effective as fiberglass batts
  • You want a faster installation option than fiberglass rolls

Does Not Require Removing Walls

If you want to fill your wall cavities with insulation, blown in insulation is your best option. Instead of opening up entire walls to install fiberglass rolls, blown in insulation requires only a small opening.

It Is a Green Option

With options made from recycled wood and paper, blown in insulation is created with minimal chemicals and synthetics. Manufacturing cellulose insulation is a greener process than other forms of insulation.

Best Way to Avoid Gaps and Errors During Installation

Blow in insulation creates a seamless layer or filling that avoids the kinds of gaps and errors that rolls of fiberglass are prone to.

It Is as Cost Effective as Fiberglass Batts

After the final calculation, blown in insulation is often a similar total cost compared with purchasing batts and rolls of fiberglass.

Faster Than Installing Batts and Rolls of Fiberglass

Since installing rolls and batts requires precision and sometimes a significant amount of cutting and resizing, blown in insulation is almost always faster. The entire process can be completed in a matter of a few hours.

blown in insulation being blown into an attic

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