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Enjoy the Benefits Temperature Control Offers

Have you ever walked into different areas of your home and experienced frustration that they were not the same temperature? Or wished that you could stop wasting money by cooling a room you never use just to get the rest of your home properly cooled? At Expo Heating & Cooling, we understand these frustrations and can offer you an affordable solution. By installing a zone control system in Spring, TX, you get to control exactly which areas are heated, cooled, or left alone.

To learn more about zone control systems in Spring, please call our friendly team of HVAC contractors today at (832) 412-1556. We serve The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress, Houston, and the surrounding areas.

Understanding the Benefits of Zone Control

In most homes with a standard heating and AC system, there is one thermostat which is used to control the entire home. However, this does not always account for homes with many rooms or two floors. Since heat rises, the lower floor where the thermostat is would be properly cooled and the upper floor could be extremely warm and uncomfortable. Zoning is an advanced type of HVAC technology where multiple thermostats are used for the purpose of total temperature control.

Other benefits of zone control systems include the following:

Many homeowners are unsure if a zoned HVAC system would be the right fit for them. If this is the case for you, we can schedule a consultation to examine your existing system and determine if a zone control system is an appropriate solution for your needs and your budget.

Zoned HVAC System Repair in Spring & Houston, TX

If you already have a zoned HVAC system in your home and it is not operating properly, we can help. Our services are not just limited to installation and replacement services, our heating and cooling technicians in Spring, TX are also trained to diagnose and repair zone control systems for homes and commercial properties.

To request a quote on zone control system services from a Spring, TX HVAC contractor, feel free to contact us now.

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