Need to Vent?

undefinedDo I Air or Vent?

They're not the same and here's what you need to know

  • Ventilating = the continuous circulation of air

  • Aerating = supplying of oxygen or new air

A balanced approach is best

Don't run off opening every door and window. That's not needed or advised.

Here are some simple rules:


Slow and steady (slightly crack open a window). Early mornings or late afternoons for 15-30 minutes, longer if temps allow. Avoid peak temps. Make sure it's a window with a screen that doesn't face a busy street. To get started open a window, then turn around and pick a second window across the room (or house) to open. You're Done! Now you've created that happy air flow where good vibes and energy move freely (gradient pressure). Doing this just once a week will do wonders, but daily would be life changing.


Intense but brief by opening large window/door for the maximum fresh air intake in a short amount of time. Drop temp on thermostat prior. Avoid during freezing temps. Preferably mid day when sun is out.

Avoid days with a humidity index higher than 50%. If mold spores are a concern then aim for an index of 35% or below.

Healthy ventilation comes down to how air flows, where it goes, and how fast it flows. Look for dead spots. Stagnant air can be dangerous and should be addressed immediately. Stable continous air circulation is criticial for safe use of all HVAC systems, otherwise it's toxic.

Whats the goal?

Removal of stale noxious air, pollutants, CO2, moisture, odor and replacing it with oxygen-rich air.