The Wheels of Change

The Wheels of Change

What’s different since the last time you upgraded your A/C?

Twenty years is a long time for any industry…. and many things can happen during that time that could make you feel like you walked into a time machine taking you to another decade.

Not to worry, your still in the 21 century, and we are going to get you all caught up.

Lets start with what you’ve heard the most about, from commercials, to ads, and even home improvement shows!!! If you haven’t already guessed it, it’s the SMART home.

Let’s delve in shall we…

Part 1:

Smart Tech HVAC

Smart Home devices have made their way into every part of your home, including your AC unit. Smart thermostats to help you regulate your home temperature from your phone, your furnace control boards, and zoning systems to help keep you comfortable in the spaces where you need them the most.

We should not be shocked, as technology keeps evolving, that this technology is moving at the speed of light. Constant reminders of software updates will be a new norm. Expect the same regular updates to your Thermostats manufacturer software.

Ozone & the Environment

Fun fact, did you know that 50% of the Fluorinated (HFC) greenhouse gases consumed are attributed to HVAC and refrigeration equipment?

Texas’s hot blistering summers, and freezing winters makes it inhabitable without an AC? Manufacturers are improving the unit efficiencies in order to lower the carbon foot print . The EPA has also regulated changes to the refrigerant gases we use. If you’ve ever wondered why the industry keeps changing the Freon type used in your system, this is why. This is not the end but rather the beginning of an era marked by new refrigerants being developed in an effort to further reduce the impact on the environment.

The EPA Countdown for refrigerant phase outs has begun. Get Ready, Set, Goooooo…

The current clock has its eye on the infamous R-22! Saddle up and get ready for changes. From R-22, R-410A, and beyond are all on the chopping block.

Now let’s go deeper. Why the shift? Why the changes? Is this a high efficiency craze?

Seems like changing R-22 to a slightly less powerful R-410A makes no sense. Welcome to the world of comprise and sacrifice. We are forced to do the tango with nature in hopes it pays off for our children’s future. Customers will have to come to terms with this new truth and recognize that their systems will not cool as fast or as cold. It’s a collective contribution to a solution.

Here is an interesting chart.